Yes, Go Out To Eat

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My gym is right across the parking lot from Buffalo Wild Wings. Maybe 200 feet away.

Every so often while training a client I glance over and see a car I recognize.

Not my brother’s car, or a friend’s car, but a client’s car.

Standard procedure dictates I sent them a text saying, “hey, how’s the food?”. Or maybe something a little more intense.

The last time this happened I got told that it was a matter of national security and he was not allowed to share. Well played Chocula.

Fun and games aside, why does it matter?

You see, there are two distinct ways in which you should go out to eat, both of which I fully support.

“Wait, you fully support your clients going out to eat?”


There’s a bit more to it though.

Mostly Business

First off we have the “Mostly Business” style of eating out.

It’s like a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back.

I was going to add a picture of an awesome mullet, but combining mullets and food in one article would be downright mean, so I vetoed the idea.

It’s called mostly business because it’s in large part a healthy meal. For the majority of you that means it is comprised of a protein source and greens.

I am purposely leaving out carbohydrates not because it doesn’t fit for any of you, but because protein and greens at a restaurant taste FAR good enough without killing carbs as well. Save those carbs for the rest of your day when you are trying to stave off cravings.


Filet, salmon, shrimp, chicken, you get the idea.


Greens — asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, whatever you want.

You probably have two thoughts right now:

  1. That’s gross. If I want to go out to eat I am going to eat garbage.

Answer: I am not sure where you like to eat, but if they can’t make a filet and asparagus taste better than any crap they serve at your local grease house you like to frequent, find a new place to go.

2. How is that healthy?

Answer: You already know you need protein and greens all day everyday.

If you order steak, salmon, or another fatty protein, you will need to account for that extra fat in your day, but that doesn’t stop it from being healthy.

Now remember it was called “mostly business”. With that said, obviously a steak or chicken cooked in nothing will be a tad healthier. The point of this meal is that you can get out of the house, enjoy a nice meal, all while staying virtually right on track.

Win win.

Side note. At my leanest points, I never had progress slowed by going out and having filet and greens. I accounted for it in my macros and never missed a beat doing so. I highly encourage this.

Mostly Party

Next up, we have the “Mostly Party” eating mentality when going out.

I tried to come up with a hair idea that said “party in a big way, but still serious” and that just doesn’t exist. So, no hairstyle analogy here.

This eating out design should be used when you have chosen to have an off plan meal. Let’s say you have been eating super clean for a few weeks, macros are on point, you’re hitting all your workouts, and you want a mental and perhaps physical recharge.

No problem. Mostly.

You see, an off plan meal when you have been compliant for awhile is fine in and off itself. You may go up a pound or two for a day, but it will come right back off and you will have had some fun.

An off plan binge is not.


You go to Red Robin and have a burger and a small portion of fries.

Off plan ends there and you get back on track as soon as you leave.

Not Acceptable:

You go to Red Robin and have a burger and all the fries your server will bring before cutting you off.

You wash it all down with two margaritas.

You leave, go to Coldstone, and eat a mountain of ice cream with 6 toppings.

You go home and have another margarita.

You get the munchies later at night and eat a bag of Cheetos and a two bowls of cereal.

Slow down there Secretariot.

You went from a reasonable off plan meal to back tracking on much of your recent progress.

The only thing to say here is that this picture is at least 10 years old.   Beyond that, I have nothing.

This is the biggest problem with individuals trying to progress nutritionally and going out to eat. They can’t see the moderation in it.

“Mostly Business” and “Mostly Party” can both work for you without slowing progress.

More importantly, they will make your progress more enjoyable and make you less likely to fall off the wagon.

Falling off the wagon is bad, but dragging your feet beside it is okay once in awhile.

What can I do to help you? Do you need help setting up your eating?

Let me know and we can get you going in a dead sprint towards your goals.


IG: JonWalters15

Be careful.  I’m watching.

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