Online Coaching

In brief, the Online Coaching Program is personal training and nutritional consulting all via the web.

It’s a very convenient, affordable, and for some, ideal way to work with us.

Rather than being in the gym with you for your training, we take on more of a role as your fitness consultant. Making certain that from whatever distance we are at, you dominate any and all goals you have.

We begin with an extensive assessment, which will help both of us ascertain exactly what your needs, goals, and long term desires are. Furthermore, looking into your physical capabilities, health history, and your lifestyle. Then we move on to perfecting a tailored program specifically for you.

To do this, we: 

  1. Design the workouts you’re going to do
  2. Outline your complete nutritional plan
  3. Take care of all supplement considerations
  4. Give you 100% comprehensive support.

During each four week training phase, you’ll give us updates, and we’ll use that information to design new programs for you. So, every phase we give you a completely new, custom fitness plan: new workouts, new diet, new guidelines for supplements; everything really.

This is not some generic program from the latest fitness magazine.

Everything we send you is specific to YOU.

Not everyone should be training the same. Style of training, exercises, frequency, volume, length of time in the gym, rest periods, tempos.

All of those things will be specifically outlined for you, taking all of the guesswork out of your time in the gym. Furthermore, everyone that is part of the online coaching program has full access to videos of us showing them how to do every exercise that has been programmed into their workout.

Not everyone should be eating the same either. Type of food, meal frequency, psychological and physiological responses to food, specific macronutrient amounts. Again, all things that will be taken care of for you specific to your body and your goals. We are not going to teach you just what to eat. We are going to teach you HOW to eat.

With all that said, are you ready?  Let’s do this.