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Super glad you made it here! This is where YOU decide to get stuff done. To finally jump head first into something you’ve been pondering for awhile.

If you signed up for my free eBook, the “6 Steps to Undeniable Fitness Success”, you already know that the first step to crushing your goals is to:

Seek Out Proper Guidance.

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Fun fact: German Shepherds love fitness.

Take a second and imagine what you would love to accomplish with your health and fitness.

-Dropping weight you felt you could never lose.

-Seeing your abs for the first time.

-Taking multiple flights of stairs instead of the elevator.

-Getting shape to your butt or your shoulders.

-Gaining real world strength that helps you in your daily life.

-Decreased hip, knee, and shoulder pain as you get older.

-Truly enjoying retirement because you are strong and capable with no limitations.

-Increasing your mobility after years of inactivity, poor postural habits, or surgery.

We can help you achieve these things.

And believe me, your life is going to change.

Dana’s transformation
Scott’s incredible changes

Let me explain.

The process of committing to health and fitness is one of the most potent character building journeys a person will ever go on.

When you make a goal, design a plan, commit fully to that plan, and then see results – you will gain more confidence than you could ever imagine.  You will have defined who you are not just by your impressive physical achievements, but also by your work ethic, commitment, and attitude.

Let’s talk services

Transformation Personal Fitness is located in Wyoming, Michigan just outside of Grand Rapids.


-What we do-

Via the gym:

  • One-on-one training
  • Semi-private training
  • Large group training

Via the web:

  • Online coaching
Fill out the form below and we will start YOUR transformation or click on one of the drop down tabs to learn more about our training.

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