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The 6 Steps to Undeniable Fitness Success


By, Jon Walters

The vast majority of people fail when pursuing their fitness goals.

Kind of hard to hear when you are at the forefront of your journey to a healthier lifestyle. I tell you this not to be pessimistic, but to paint a picture of reality. Changing your health and fitness is not easy.

In fact, I firmly believe it is one of the most challenging things an individual can do in life.

No, I am NOT referring to going through the motions. I’m talking about setting tough goals for yourself, committing to them, and following through with what might take three months or three years.

This process is a tremendous undertaking and should not be taken lightly. The people that truly crush it put in serious work and consistency to see the results that they do.

But, the proof follows.

Week after week. Month after month.

Every time you see that solid progress it gives you firm validation that it was all worth it. The time, the hard work, the dedication, the harassment from friends and family, every last hardship.

I strongly admire those that can succeed in health and fitness.

The commitment it takes to lose 150 pounds

The drive it takes to gain mobility and range of motion back after debilitating surgery or old age.

The consistency to get down to single digit body fat numbers.

The weekly drive to get that first pull up or push up.

Every last one of these things is different and with good reason. Because every last person is different. No matter who you are, we all have individual goals. However, we all need the right foundation to begin the process of getting to those goals.

That is why I wrote the “6 Steps to Undeniable Fitness Success” eBook.

The way you start and go about the process is what will make or break your success in your health and fitness journey.

This is not about how many calories to eat, how many days per week to workout, how awesome deadlifts are (quite awesome btw), how protein is important, or how to count macronutrients.


Because knowing how many calories you should eat, days to workout, exercises to do, and what macros to eat doesn’t mean anything if you cannot execute the process.


Knowing how to throw a football, kick a football, run a football, all mean nothing if you have no clue what the process of playing the game is.

This is about building your game. Honing your process.

In time, all of those other aspects will be learned, but for now, it’s time to establish your foundation.

Let’s begin.

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