The 98% Vs. The 2%

Be careful as you read.

Nutrition is scary.

Correction. You are made to feel like nutrition is scary.

There has never been a more prolific era of nutritional outlets creating nothing more than confusion for the people who want to learn and feel better.

You should blame the health and fitness industry for this. The less educated you are, the more money they make.

-Multi-level marketing supplements

-Fat burning pills

-Body wraps

Three huge pieces of the modern day fitness craze, none of which address the issue of how to actually change your physique.

Let’s make this simple. You burn a certain number of calories, as do I, as does your Aunt. Your dog does too if you dislike all people and prefer a dog reference.

Yukon burning those calories at the beach!

You have one of three goals:

  1. Maintain weight
  2. Lose weight
  3. Gain weight

Now, without getting all SCIENCY, they are achieved as follows:

  1. Keeping your calories at maintenance level (amount you burn per day)
  2. Keeping calories below maintenance (usually 20–40% dependent on you)
  3. Keeping calories above maintenance (similar percentages also dependent on you)


Is it that simple though? Yes, it absolutely is.

Now let’s be clear. There are a lot of people who get super panicky about what foods you are eating, when you are eating them, and if you got your exact vitamin profile for the day.

Guess what? These are the same idiots who hate on people who drink Crystal Lite because the “added stuff” is so terrible for you. Then the next day Mr. Crystal Lite Hater is at Buffalo Wild Wings eating 24 wings, mozzarella sticks, and three beers.

Crys light
This stuff may be straight from the devil.  Who really knows?

But oh no, you drink Crys Lite and you may be shaving four days off your life.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah…

The 98% versus the 2%. At least that is what I like to call it.

You see, the 98% is where most of you are. You likely do not know many 2% people. No one needs to touch the 2% until they can handle the 98%.

The 98% includes things like:

  1. Taking in equal to, less than, or greater than your maintenance calories based on your goals.
  2. Drinking plenty of water
  3. Getting enough sleep
  4. Getting 3–4 workouts in each week
  5. Limiting meals out
  6. Being conservative with alcohol

…..and so on.

The 2% includes things like:

  1. Using 12 different supplements
  2. Working out seven days a week
  3. Hating on someone because you think their protein shake has “harmful things in it”
  4. Needing the perfect periodized workout program fit for an NFL player
  5. Spending 4 hours a day researching vitamins


Stop trying to live in the 2% when you haven’t mastered the 98.

You guys in the 98 are awesome. In a world of gimmicks and fads you have sifted through to find the key items that work. I applaud you.

There are very few people who are actually reading this who sit soundly in the 2%.

And here’s the kicker:

There is NO benefit to trying to spend your time in the 2 when you are not one of those people. I understand WHY it seems desirable at times to be the guy or gal who knows the ins and outs of fish oil, green supplements, vitamins, oils, etc., but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t mastered the bigger game.

Don’t fight the 98. The water is fine and everyone is seeing amazing results!

Double back. Nutrition is simple. Not scary.

IF you choose to spend your time working on what YOU need to work on.

This scribble started with you and your calorie intake. That is exactly where the 98% need to start.

Do you need help with that?

You are in luck:

IG: jonwalters15

Random photo of my client Hopewell encouraging the 98%.

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