When people see the incredible results that clients get at Transformation Personal Fitness, they always want to know — HOW?

  • How mom’s in their 40s are stronger and more fit than woman half their age.
  • How someone can lose over 140 pounds, keep the weight off years later, and gain loads of strength.
  • How a 53-year old can knock off 70 perfect form pushups (3 seconds down, chest touch to floor, full elbow extension on top).
  • How someone can move past decades of serious back issues with the right strength training program.
  • How a 61-year old can hammer out 10+ perfect form pullups (zero swinging, no chest collapse or shoulder/trap recruitment, smooth tempo).
  • How a 75-year old is stronger, more mobile, and in better shape than people 20 years younger than them.

    But, how?

    Everyone always wants to know how.

    I post a picture of a client and 18 of their friends immediately comment about how much body fat they’ve lost, how they’ve gotten so strong, or how they are moving incredibly well even as they get older.

    They want to know about the special workout program our clients are on or the super-secret nutrition plan they are following.

    Friends, relatives, and co-workers of my clients have asked over and over about what sort of “magic” is going on that they are able to see and feel the results that they are.

    But, whether they ask me or my clients, it’s like asking a magician how they do their tricks.

    You want to know so badly that it eats at you.

    At least you think you want to know.

    But the reality is, we all know it’s not magic.

    It’s just hard to believe otherwise.

    You see, magic would require some sort of supernatural occurrence to be present in each of our client’s transformations.

    Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not, I think we can agree that this isn’t the case.

    People often see a transformation or a before and after picture and want SO badly to believe that the change shown isn’t “normal”.

    That the person in the pictures is over the top genetically gifted, took some special supplement, or spends every waking hour being dedicated to perfect eating and working out.

    And I get it.

    When you see something so impressive, you want to justify why it’s not you in the pictures and why you are still sitting at home making excuses.

    So you convince yourself that they had some sort of “help”.

    But, you’re wrong.

    The fact is, every transformation I have ever been a part of is the opposite of magic.

    It’s people who found a reason to never be in the shape they were in before.

    People who were tired of hurting.

    Sick of being weak.

    Fed up with feeling lethargic and slow moving.

    Had enough with being overweight.

    Annoyed with being immobile and feeling tensed up.

    It’s most definitely not magic.

    It’s people who locked into grinding, focused, and incredibly hard work consistently over time.

    Being dialed in for months, years, and even decades learning and perfecting the best nutritional strategies and workout approaches that work best for them.

    While all the while, you, the audience, never sees where the magician’s cards really are.

    You try to rack your brain around how these people build up the motivation, mental fortitude, and will power to get the results they have, but you just can’t make sense of it.

    No, what we do with our clients is not magic.

    But, when the results are presented, it sure feels like a miracle.

    And if you train with us, you will be behind the curtain where all the “mysteries” are revealed. All the things you wanted to know shown to you and always accessible.

    Nothing kept secret, and nothing held back.

    You will have access to everything you need to guarantee your personal success.

    So come, check it out and see for yourself.

    Because with your hard work, we’re going to stun the audience.



    Now, let’s check out some of the results around here!


    Here is our client Scott who lost 140 pounds.  Laser focus and consistent hard work day after day, week after week, month after month.  Furthermore, notice the learn muscle in the after picture.  Weight loss should NOT make you look and feel frail.  Improper weight loss will however.


Very often when you see individuals who have lost a fair amout of weight, they look weak and run down as if they have been hit with a disease.  This is the mark of a poorly executed weight loss program.  Strength, energy, and vitality are always number one.

Dana, who built muscle while burning tons of fat.

This is Johnny, who flat out demolished 116 pounds of weight loss in less than one year.  Consistency always wins.


Here are some more of our clients incredible hard work.








Your time is now.  Let’s start your transformation today.