About Us

This is Yukon, my gym pup. He has been training clients with me for years.

Hey, thanks for being here! My name is Jon Walters and I am the owner and head trainer at Transformation Personal Fitness in Wyoming, MI.

I am very pleased you made it here when you have many choices available to you when it comes to fitness.  Thank you for taking the time to research your options as you find your next level of success.

With that said, we will make sure that you find helpful information relative to you and your health as well as find a training option that fits perfectly with who you are and the fitness goals you have.

At Transformation Personal Fitness we do one-on-one, semi-private, large group, and online training.  Our facility is clean and state of the art to bring you the absolute best workout experience possible.






We work with a spectrum of individuals:




-Extreme weight loss individuals

-Dogs (kind of joking)

-People with injuries/conditions (back issues, knee replacements, recurring shoulder pain, osteoporosis, etc.)

What matters is that we can help you.

Fitness, nutrition, workouts, pain, motivation, it’s all confusing.

And unfortunately, the standards in the personal training industry nowadays are very low.  Honest qualified instruction and good training programs are almost impossible to find.

You get pulled in 18 different directions trying to get the best knowledge and no one has it.

But, we can help you.

The purpose of this site is not only to offer information and get you plugged into the best fitness facility in Grand Rapids, but also for you to, over time, trust that there is solid, reliable, and reputable advise and training out there that has 100% good intentions.

And the best part with us is that you’re not joining a gym.  You’re joining a family and community of like-minded people that will give you the positive support and environment you need to be successful.


When you are ready to take the next step and begin your transformation, email us or fill out a form under “training programs” and we will get you started immediately.

Your time is now.

We transform TOGETHER.

One thought on “About Us

  1. I so appreciate your willingness to work with each person as an individual no matter what their goals are or aren’t. We don’t all fit into same little mold or want the same things. Thank you for all your efforts for our benefit.


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