Make Your Own Adventure


Do you remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? I would bet the vast majority of you do, and probably have read your fair share.

After all, what kid (or adult — don’t judge me) wouldn’t want to be the STAR of a story that journeys under the sea, through space, or into a fight with a super computer?

We all would. Because those things are awesome.

Unfortunately, most of of us haven’t experienced those things.


When the day comes however, you need to be ready. You need to be a capable human being that hasn’t let their joints resemble the tin man and their muscle resemble Christian Bale in The Machinist.

Not exactly the superhero combination.

It’s Time To Workout

Let’s be frank, working out is awesome. Not just the act of doing it, but what it gives you in return.

Your body is the only thing in life that is with you all the time and the condition it’s in has an effect on everything.

  • Your sleep quality
  • Your energy levels
  • Your joint pain
  • Your strength
  • Your breathing capacity
  • Your confidence
  • Your stress level
  • Your posture

Think about any piece of your day and you will be able to relate a way in which keeping your body in good condition will benefit you.

Ever seen the Iron man movies? Everyone loves how awesome Tony Stark’s suit is, which is basically a super capable body. Imagine how lackluster the movie would be if the suit couldn’t fly, had no weapons, and had little added strength.

Pretty pathetic. It would be even more pathetic if Tony Stark had the ability to make it have all those things, but just didn’t feel like it.

Maybe we can’t fly or shoot rockets, but we do have the ability to get pretty darn strong, fast, agile, and endurance capable. More simplified, we have the capacity to go through life in quality physical condition.

Yet there are many people who have no energy, can barely walk up a flight of stairs, have very little strength, and feel awful day after day.

It’s time for that to change.

No one should feel restricted by their body. That just sounds terrible.

If you want to choose your own adventure that includes climbing out of a third story window, jumping down to the second story roof, then sliding down the eavestrough to the ground, you should be able.

If you aren’t a runner and your friend asks you to run/walk a 5k with them, you should feel confident that you can do so.

If the hot girl or guy in the cubicle next to you asks if want to go on a 20 mile bike ride on the weekend, you should have no hesitations.

If the old lady next door needs something heavy put in her car, you should be able to help with confidence.

If you want to be a shark, you should be able to be a shark.


The point is, many people simply can’t choose their own adventure.

They have made a choice to let the one body they have spiral further and further away from being capable of doing the things they would like to. This puts them in a position to say no to activities or experiences that might sound fun to them, but they know their body and perhaps their mind isn’t up for it.

No, I am not referring to older individuals who simply by age can no longer be Indiana Jones.

Life is about experiences. No one should have to restrict themselves from great opportunities because they have done their body a disservice and kept it from being capable.

Let’s Do This

I’m not here to shame anyone, but I firmly believe that even basic activity a few times each week can change your life. That is why this is so important.

Every last person has the ability to be strong and fit. Might it be a little bit harder for some versus others depending on where they are starting? Sure, but everyone can progress.

Take my client Scott. He lost 140 pounds and can choose any adventure he wants. The before picture is 30 pounds lower than his start. Not only did he lose a bunch of weight, he got STRONG.

12189765_1645795499003472_4501311689466079175_n (1)
Muscles for days.

No matter what your starting point, you CAN become a capable person that can do whatever you want. Stop watching from the sidelines and telling yourself you can’t do something.

There are way too many people in this world who between disease, disability, accidents, war, or something similar, physically cannot and will never again be able to do things that you can.

It is an unbelievable disservice to the people who would like more than anything to walk or move their arms again for people to leave so much “life” on the table.

Today is your day. Any activity is a great start.

Take a walk. Go for a bike ride. Play with your kids. Sign up for a gym membership. Go for a swim at the local high school pool. Go roller skating.

Go out and MAKE your own adventure.

Can I help you get started? I am super happy to help you get going.  It doesn’t matter if you are in Michigan or in Sweden we can crush this.  Let’s get going.

Email me at:

IG: JonWalters15

Hopewell on air guitar.  Obviously.

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