The Imperfect Process


I worked out clueless for a long time in high school.

I had no direction or real plans other than go in and lift weights.

All the big guys in the gym clung to the “always begin every workout with bench press” mantra, so I would start there.

After that I followed it up with whatever weight machines my school gym had. I didn’t know why I sat down at each of them, but I went one by one and did them all.

I had no lifting program and knew just about nothing regarding nutrition.

I heard chicken was supposed to be good so I had my mom constantly buy those frozen chicken patties. Awesome right?

Frozen chicken patty + bun + mad ketchup = SUPER GAINS

My workouts weren’t the greatest and my eating wasn’t top notch, but I had one thing going for me.

I was consistent.

I was in the school weight room every day after class Monday through Friday.

Was that ideal? Maybe not. None of it probably was, but it was consistent.

Everyday I focused on eating “more protein” and more overall calories (I was trying to gain weight).

Was I close to ideal macros for myself? Probably no where near, but it was better than not trying at all.

To this day, whether for myself or a client, I will take hard work and consistency over the greatest program on earth executed half way.

My process in which to reach my goals back in high school was not perfect.

You need to know something else.

No one’s health and fitness process is perfect.

You know what is perfect?  This picture.  And the highlights in my hair.

If you attempt to make your fitness journey one of perfection you will be let down.

I love when clients put 100% into their training and nutrition. Watching someone who wants to hit their goals so bad come in week after week and CRUSH IT is the most exciting part of my job.

These people give me tons of motivation and make me pumped to do what I do.

Maybe you are one of those people who is putting that same work in. If so, I applaud you for your hard work and diligence.

However, there will come a week that:

You don’t drop any weight.

You don’t put on any weight.

You can’t lift as much as you did the previous week.

Your shoulder is hurting when it usually feels great.

Your knee is twinging and it never does.

You have no energy.

You want to give up.

Remind yourself that health and fitness is an imperfect process.

Along the route to your goals you will have hang ups.

It is going to happen.

The best workout program and nutrition regimen in the world can’t stop “life” from getting in the way once in awhile.

Someone close to you passes away.

You lose you job.

Your travel schedule is wearing on you.

You are having a hard time battling holiday eating socially.

Some people might tell you:


I say, do the best you can and beyond that, the past is the past. You can only move forward.

Judy nailing some push presses.

Granted, if someone is simply being lazy, this does not apply. This is NOT an invitation to approach your fitness with a lethargic demeanor.

That will get you no where.

This is to you grinders.

You fully committed people who are doing your honest best work.

You WILL achieve your goals.

Every one of you have a different journey. A different process.

You all have things that make you want to skip a workout.

People who make you feel like having an off plan meal.

Triggers that make you want to give up for the day.

But we all have one thing in common:


It is a part of your success and it makes your commitment that much more impressive.

Whether you are fighting to gain mobility back, lose those 50 pounds, or do that first pull up, don’t stop.

Keep doing what you are doing because nine out of ten people in this world don’t have the mental fortitude to.

Do you need some help fine tuning your regimen?

The process can never be perfect, but I can give you some awesome direction.

Workout programming, complete nutritional planning, or a little motivation.

Email me at:

Client Cory killing some dips early on in his training.

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