Why You Aren’t Ready to Commit to Fitness


Every winter I get on a strict training and nutrition program.

Not to say the rest of the year I don’t workout or eat well, but I get very dialed in for 4–6 months in the winter season.

I track my macros (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) every single day and hit all my workouts.

Each year I have a specific goal for myself and I go 100% towards it.

Although being this diligent is sometimes a hassle, I make it work and don’t let things get in my way.

But, timing is everything.

In 2014, I started my winter program in November.

My mountain bike racing season was over the first weekend of the month and I started the following Monday. It worked out great.

However, in 2015 I knew that I would need to shift my program timing.

The reason being that my wife’s due date of our daughter was in January.

I knew that the time surrounding her birth was going to have a challenging schedule so I decided that I was not going to begin my program until mid-February.

Sure I could have crossed my fingers and had a few bad weeks, but I wanted no hang ups during my program.

I am now six weeks into my 2016 regimen and things are going awesome.

Almost as awesome as this movie.

The goal of health and fitness is to stay active and eating well for life, which is why I encourage my clients to figure out what is most sustainable for them.

For most, perfect eating and tracking of their food week in and week out for the rest of their lives is not realistic. Neither is hitting every workout each week without fail.

Building a fitness program that is sustainable and allows for some off plan eating and skipped workouts here and there is what makes it possible in the long run.

However, there is one time when you MUST be 100% all in and that is when you are first beginning a program of health and fitness.

If a business opens and doesn’t make a splash in the first few months, it’s probably going to fail. You don’t often see new businesses do terrible for a few years then start blowing up with success randomly.

Similarly, if a person new to fitness begins a program and doesn’t come out of the gate guns blazing, they likely never will.

In fact, they are more likely to quit within the first month.

When you are new to a program you’re at your peak of excitement and motivation. You have high hopes that this time it is going to work and you are going to see the changes that you have wanted.

The first month is typically when you are willing to put in the most effort and it is in that time that it is imperative you buckle down and give the program every ounce of work it deserves.

Seeing the changes that are possible when dialed in that first month will make or break you.

Either you will get super pumped and want to grind even harder, or you will get depressed, convince yourself you are not one of those people who can change, and give up.

After all, why would you keep busting your butt week after week if you aren’t seeing any changes, right?

This happens ALL THE TIME.

You end up believing health and fitness doesn’t work for you and you quit working out and eating well for years or even life.

All because you didn’t go all in.

Again, timing is everything and if you start at the wrong time, it simply will not work.

You must be ready.

That is the point you need to understand.

Although I love the idea of everyone getting into a lifestyle of healthy eating and working out, there are some cases where the timing simply is not right for them to truly be able to commit.

And if you can’t go all it, I advise you to wait until you can.

Remember, I am not saying you have to be spot on for months and months, but you need to be able to commit 100% for at least twelve weeks.

Keep in mind, I am referring to those of you who have specific goals typically related to losing weight or the need to see change in the short term. If you are someone who simply wants to start incorporating activity and healthier food choices into your life, then going at it with full intensity is not as big of a priority for you.

The Reality

You also need to understand what you are getting into.

I fully believe that being spot on with a training and nutrition program is one of the most difficult things a person can do.

It is an everyday commitment that doesn’t take weekends off. You must be on your game seven days a week every week.

The person that can show that diligence for three months or more deserves major props and I am very proud of every client I have who does so.

Make no mistake about it, it will suck.

Unless you are some kind of phenomenon who doesn’t get hungry and never has the desire to skip a hard workout, then it is going to require massive will power.

You ARE going to get hungry at times.

You ARE going to get pissed at yourself for slipping up.

You ARE going to curse your coach when an exercise you hate comes up in your program when you are already exhausted.

You ARE going to want to quit.

But will you?

That is what separates the people who you see getting results in the gym and those who don’t.

Make no mistake about it, every person you see who has made great strides with their body has put in the work. It was not easy for them.

My client Scott spent 14 months being spot on to lose 140 pounds.

Was it easy for him?


People think, “he must have been one of those people who can just lose weight easy.”


He spent years yo-yo dieting up and down 20–40 pounds before finally putting his old self to bed….forever.

He said enough is enough and with the accountability of myself and others at my gym he crushed every last bit of doubt anyone could have ever had about his ability to reach his goals.

My client Scott. The before picture was 30 pounds into his weight loss.

You have to be ready.

You have to be able to commit.

You have to be at a point where your desire to change your body is GREATER than your excuses.

Until you are at that point, you will fail.

As hard as the process is, once you are into your grind you will become the most laser focused person you know.

You have to be.

You even need to get a little arrogant.

You need to stand up for what you are doing and say no to anything that will derail you.

You have a goal and nothing is going to stop you until you have crushed it six ways from Sunday.

I have an enormous amount of respect for anyone who can stay committed to a program and attain their goals.

Are you ready?

Is it your time?

I want to help you get there.

Email me now at: JwaltersPT@gmail.com

Also, check out my website at: JonWalters.CO

IG: JonWalters15

My client Jaron. He locked in hard and shredded body fat to reach his goal.

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