How To Build Your Greenhouse Effect

Hothouse Effect

Why are greenhouses used?


They make year round growing of plants possible.

No matter what the conditions are on the outside of the house, there is the ability to grow something on the inside.

The greenhouse doesn’t care if it’s cold outside of its walls.

It doesn’t care if it’s snowing.

It certainly doesn’t care if there is a sandstorm.

Best of all, it doesn’t care about locust attacks. An obvious hazard to many of us.

It’s interior environment doesn’t care a jot about the outside, all while rapid positive development is happening on the inside.

Most humans are nothing like the greenhouse.

They allow every facet of the outside world to reign down control on each portion of their life.

Their mood.

Their emotions.

Their trust.

Their work ethic.

Their commitment.

Staying immune to outside influences and allowing your personal growth and development to flourish sounds beyond foreign.

We aren’t built that way.

Some people live to please others and perhaps even take on their burdens.

Some crave the validation of those on the outside and their very self worth is tied to receiving it.

Difficult roads are not easily traveled when you are bogged down with outside influence.

Great physical and mental progression of the body takes focus.

It takes a sound and stable environment that allows a person to follow a plan with accuracy and consistency.

Day after day. Week after week.

Month after month. Year after year.

Your own greenhouse.

Building your perfect environment is key. Chose to be around those who build and encourage you.

Let’s break down the 3 reasons why YOU need to put your health and fitness in a greenhouse.

#1. Negative outside influences get blocked out.

The greenhouse walls stop many harmful things that are bound to ruin progress from getting in. Very similarly, we all have negative things just waiting to pounce on us and stop us dead in our tracks.

They can come in the form of people who don’t support you, time sucks such as television and video games, and even personal degradation and feelings of not being good enough.

Get rid of them.

Do you have friends in your life who harass you about going to the gym or bringing healthy food to work? Perhaps they hound you because you won’t have drinks with them at happy hour. Or get upset when you choose a healthy option when you are out to dinner.

I ask you this:

Are you sure they are really your friends?

Sure maybe once or twice a friend might ask you if you ever have a hard time always hitting your workouts or eating somewhat bland food, but receiving repetitive push back from someone is not anyone I would consider a friend.

Remember, you are trying very hard to accomplish something that a small percentage of people have the will power to do. Getting pulled down by people who should be supporting you is the last thing you need in your life.

Time sucks need to end as well. You probably feel like you have minimal time in your day as it is, so the last thing you need pulling you away from your fitness progress is worthless drivel.

Next, is the removal of personal degradation and feelings that you aren’t good enough.

It happens all the time.

Those seeking physical change want so badly to keep making progress and when the slightest hangup occurs, their mental state goes in the gutter.

This must end.

Although it’s tough to get passed this, you are on a journey that could take years. Therefore, you have to build up the mental fortitude to ride the high points as well as the low points because both will happen.

If you let the low points take control of you, they will win.

Progress in health and fitness can be a fragile process.

It is your job to create boundaries with people in your life, activities, hobbies, or whatever may be pulling your feet into the mud on the road to your goals.

This isn’t to say you should cut these things from your life, but when it comes to your time in the gym, healthy eating habits, sleep patterns, etc., it is your job to put up the greenhouse.

#2 Positive Influences Come Right In

The wonder of the greenhouse is that it allows sunlight, the giver of energy, to bust through its walls and empower the interior.

Latch on to those who support and encourage you. Having people who are pumped to hear about your success is integral. They keep you focused and remind you in times of wavering why you are doing what you are doing and they give you the ability to press on.

Bind yourself to healthy meals that you like and are able to easily repeat and enjoy. Consistently healthy eating can be difficult, so the easier you can make it on yourself the better. Go-to foods and meal choices can be a very positive influence on your progress.

Next, find out what forms of working out you enjoy and do them.

If you love cycling, do some cycling.

If you love power lifting, do some power lifting.

If you love the Chuck Norris Total Gym, heck, do some Chuck Norris action on the Total Gym.

There are definitely ideal forms of working out based on what your goals are, but if there is a certain piece that you love just for the fun of it, find a way to incorporate it into your weekly training plan.

It will keep you motivated and in high spirits since you will look forward to it each week.

#3 Progress and Change Happens Fast

The inside of the greenhouse is the prime environment for growing. It is designed specifically for its insides to thrive and rapidly develop.

This is the atmosphere you want to place yourself in.

When you block out the negative and invite in the positive you prime yourself to make progress faster than ever before.

Use this to do what you may have never thought possible in the past.

-Dropping weight you felt you could never lose.

-Seeing your abs for the first time.

-Taking multiple flights of stairs instead of the elevator.

-Getting shape to your butt or shoulders.

-Gaining real world strength that helps you in your daily life.

Whatever it is, make it happen. The table is set, all you have to do is put in the work.

Do you have a hard time with applying the greenhouse effect to your health and fitness?

Do you wish you were better at blocking out the negative in your life and accepting the positive?

I would love to help you get going on the right track and prep you to be the most successful you have ever been.

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The Crooner moving some serious weight on his glute bridges.

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