3 Things in Fitness You Need to Understand

Homer Pensando

These things came up in various conversations recently, so I thought I would share them with you all.


1. Minimum Protein Intake for Woman

I realize many of you only picture bodybuilders when you imagine consuming alot of protein, but that’s a wrong image.

For the sake of this article, my only point is to address woman who are strength training with a goal of building/sustaining lean muscle tissue as well as strength.

You‘ve probably heard numerous protein recommendations from different people including know-it-all Karen at work and your overweight doctor.

I will simplify this.

Actually, I just want to talk minimums.

For females specifically.

I don’t care if you weigh 105 pounds or 205 pounds nor do I care what your body fat is.

Your minimum protein intake should be 90 grams per day.

No, I am not going to attach sources validating my recommendations.

I am going to validate it by saying: because it works.

I have watched woman take in less than 90 grams of protein per day MANY times and struggle with building muscle and strength.

For example, one woman consistently consumed 90–100 grams daily for a couple of years. Built loads of strength and muscle.

Then her intake was dropped to around 40 grams per day.

Strength plummeted.

It was a very blatant example of the importance of protein for people who strength train.

Many woman start on the low end and wonder why they never get stronger. After a quick nutritional assessment we discover their protein is low.

Crank it up to 90+


The strength train rolls into the station.

Do your own research if you want, but I do mine all day every single day.


2. Getting Strong Takes Repetition

If you are okay with just being relatively strong overall, perfect.

However, if you have a specific goal of getting really strong on certain exercises, plan to get in a pretty close relationship with them.

You and pullups. Or deadlifts. Or lunges. Or glute bridges. Or shoulder press. I don’t judge.


I completely understand that repetion in the gym can be boring.

In fact, Fit Body Bootcrap prides themselves on “never doing the same workout twice”.

Which, in reality, assures you that you will never get good at anything.

Personally, I have varying levels of repetion based on the client.

But, those who have specific goals of getting good at something will do that exercise 2–3 times per week.

For example, if your goal is to get better at pullups and you do them every other week, you aren’t going to be pleased with the results.

Conversely, if you use pullups as a part of your full body strength training regimen with a broader focus of maintenance, doing them once every week or two isn’t necessarily “wrong”.

Just understand that there is a big difference between the strength you will achieve by giving an exercise a specific focus versus having it be a piece of your general fitness.


3. You Deserve Nothing

People need to be reminded of this most often with nutrition.

Many times over the years I have had people tell me:

“I should be able to eat XYZ food”

First, last I checked the police didn’t run around arresting people who eat certain foods.

So, you CAN eat or drink whatever you want.

However, when you have a weight loss goal and are working hard to cut body fat and make significant changes, there is going to be restrictions you have to take.

It’s your choice.

One good example of this is the time I was told by someone that their kids wanted to get ice cream and they “should be able to take them”.

Mind you, this person was in the middle of trying to change their body.

My response was two-fold.

  1. Why can’t you take your kids to get ice cream and not get any yourself?
  2. Most ice cream places have lower calorie options so that you can eat something and not ruin your whole day. Provided you plan for it throughout your other meals of course.

The same goes for drinking alcohol.

I don’t want to hear any sob stories about how you felt “left out” because you were the only girl in the group not drinking a 700 calorie margarita so you had to have one.

You in a sea full of overweight drunks.


Must have been tragic.

Again, you could just not drink.

I know I know, the horror of being the social outcast.

Or, if you are hell-bent on drinking, have a vodka soda for a whopping 65 calories.

You were not born entitled to eat and drink anything you want without consequences.

Deal with it.

There are easy ways around different nutritional scenarios and it is your responsibility to navigate through them if you want to make progress with your body.


That wraps it up.

Three simple things you all can derive a little value from.

Remember, this whole fitness thing is not complicated, but it will always take hard work and consistency to improve.

No matter what.

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