How Do Personal Trainers Have a Job?


Think of your favorite restaurant.

Picture the things you like about going there.

It’s probably is an experience that allows you to relax and get served something you enjoy.

How about your favorite clothing store?

You walk in, find a cool new shirt or pair of pants and walk out — or jog out depending on your preferred method of moving.


But, what if your favorite restaurant had you mix your own drinks, cook your own food, and still pay for it?

Or at the clothing store, you had to hop on the sewing machine and crank out the shirt or pants yourself and still pay for them.

I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to add a picture of a dog running a sewing machine.

Paying to make your own food and clothing sounds awful. Why would you pay someone to do the work yourself?

Now consider the job of a personal trainer whom clients pay to get put through pain and discomfort.

Not just physically, but mentally as well.


The fitness business is hard.

Selling pain when most businesses sell pleasure is not always an easy business model.

You as the client get a direct spotlight on all of your bad habits.

You are exposed.

People hate that.

Most individuals could do without having someone pick apart their life let alone paying them for it.

Beyond that, fitness takes time and consistency.

Everyone says they don’t “have time” for things.

How could they possibly add fitness especially when it takes long term consistency?

We live in a world where instant gratification is a primary motivating force. How can a business survive when it’s based on delayed gratification?

Fortunately for myself and most other trainers, there is an answer to this.

The answer points to a unique breed of people who are more into playing the long game than the average person.

A special type that know what happens when you combine hard work, time, and consistency.

They are building something to get them through the rest of their lives while FEELING GOOD.

That restaurant you like can sell you something to last a few minutes. The clothing store, maybe a year or two.

Then what?

I’m not saying you should never go out to eat or buy clothes.



What are you building for the long term?

I presume most of you have a retirement fund.

Because you know that eventually you would like to retire and have a few pennies to rub together.

Much like having those pennies, I would guess you would like a body that is physically capable to do the things you would like to do long term.

If you are skating through your 30, 40s, 50s and thinking:

“It’ll work itself out”

You’re right. It will.

Life will work itself out by putting your butt on the couch when the grand kids are outside playing on the beach.

All because you couldn’t see the long game.

It takes a special person to invest time and money into fitness, but with their hard work they will get back far more than they ever invested.

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