You Can’t Hide The Truth


I want to give you a quote.

“Three things cannot be long hidden:

The Sun

The Moon

and the Truth.”

I have done over 10,000 hours of personal training since I began in this field.

I tell you this to solidify where I am coming from.

That is, that virtually every person I have ever worked with who is over 30 years of age has talked about how things used to be easier for them.

Specifically, nutritionally and physically.

How they could eat fast food multiple times a week and go to the bar every weekend yet still have a flat stomach.

Or how they could play various sports in their teens and 20’s and feel like a spring chicken after hours and hours of activity.

Perhaps how they had energy to pull all-nighters or work from dawn until dusk and feel great the next day.

Back when I would plow snow all night then go to class all day.

Then, only a decade or less later and it all goes out the window.

Fast food and the bar turns into a spare tire around the waist.

Playing sports turns into knee and back pain as well as easily pulled muscles.

Pulling an all-nighter turns into mentally taking the next 24 hours off from life.

Every kid has heard an older person say the classic “one day you will find out” line.

The reality is, it’s true.

The girl in high school who ate like the garbage disposal at McDonald’s and was still skinny? She WILL find out that her body will not stay that way forever.

The college guy who jumps into a super aggressive game of basketball with no warm-up? He WILL end up hurting when he does that with his son’s friends at 45 years old.

Or the college freshman who stays up all night studying for their chemistry exam at 9 am and continues throughout their whole day hardly missing a beat? They WILL suffer terrible work performance at 48 years old when trying to present at a conference after pulling an all-nighter.

People change. Bodies change.

The good news?

We are all in the same boat. It’s a part of getting older.

Furthermore, you CAN do something about it.

The problem arises when you pretend it isn’t happening.

When you put on a façade that you are still in your teens or twenties physically.

But, no matter what:

“The truth cannot be long hidden”

The kicker is, you are only hurting yourself. No one expects you to perform like you are 22 years old when you are 42 years old.

Yeah I get it, you want to be able to.

And you know what? In many ways you can.

If you eat and train correctly, you can be just as lean.

If you are on the right training program, you can be just as strong in many cases.

With the right protocol you can compete in a number of sports with comparable skill.

However, what needs to be done to attain those things will take more work than the younger version of you required.

That’s what you have to understand.

A person in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s can still be VERY capable.

My client Randy who is in his 60’s and DOING SOMETHING about it.

But, it must be understood that they will need more work to be great at something than someone half their age.

Doing things like taking the time to warm-up and staying on a consistent mobility program have massive importance. As do working on your weaknesses so that they do not hinder your strengths.

Nutritionally, your body from age 15–25 is going to be light years more resilient than in older years just as it is physically.

At 17 years old you can go out on a Saturday night and eat like the dumpster at Golden Corral and it likely won’t be noticeable on your body by Monday.

At 57 years old you do the same thing on a Saturday and come Monday you will be multiple pounds heavier, possibly still bloated, and retaining water.

I always find it humorous when people act like they have NO idea why the scale went up multiple pounds in a day or two.

99.5% of the time there is an answer.

Because again,

“The truth cannot be long hidden”

Fitness and nutrition have a way of directly rewarding those who truly commit to them.

They will also show those who do NOT commit to them.

Often times people do not believe this.

They think a guy or gal who is very lean is just genetically gifted and doesn’t really try hard.

That really is funny, but I can promise you one thing:

Any person you see at the gym who is ripped did NOT get there eating whatever they feel like and hitting the gym aimlessly a couple times a week.

Everyone has a fitness story and their body tells a big part of it.

The truth is literally hanging on you. It’s hanging on all of us.

Remember, if you are wearing it, you ate it.

I encourage all of you to plan for the future. If executed properly, you can live an active life for many years with little restrictions.

Recognize that things DO get more difficult as you get older and the later you invite fitness into your life the harder things will be.

I would love to help you get started so what I want you do is shoot me an email right now at:

And learn more on my website at

My pup Yukon. Because ending the article with him guarantees a good ending.

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