It Doesn’t Matter Why You Start


I love getting people fit in their older years.

Whether it be the 63 year old who never seriously got into fitness or the 65 year old who wants to keep their abilities that they began all the way back in junior high school.

This subset of people who are interested in making their quality of life of high priority as they get older, I believe, truly have things figured out.

I don’t care if you have 50 million dollars at age 75. If you aren’t in good enough health to enjoy it, what’s the point?

So you buy a lake house for the grand kids to use. Yet you find yourself sitting in the house while all the kids are out on the beach playing and having fun because you are too immobile to join them. You simply cannot win in old age if you do not make sure your health and fitness is kept up with.

As important as it is for people 50 and up to be in good shape, that isn’t what got me started when I began working out.

No, I wasn’t in Mr. Peterson’s history class in high school thinking “I am going to make sure I am in great shape with good strength and mobility in my older years”.

Instead, my friend who sat beside me in class told me to come to the weight room after school.

He was popular and did well with girls, so I figured this must be a good thing to do.

So that is exactly what happened. Monday through Friday every single week.

As the weeks and months passed, I began to find my fitness addiction and I mean that in the most positive way possible.

I got my hard work ethic from my father, and what I learned in the gym was that hard work combined with consistency, yielded change.

Truthfully, I worked harder in the weight room than I did in the classroom. That isn’t to say I was a poor student, but high school came relatively easy for me. Working out proved to require a big commitment to get better and I loved it.

That everyday grind, the nonstop work, the character building that goes into truly changing your body.

I became more confident.

Afterall, I knew that the body that people could see was a direct results of my work.

Having bigger arms, a bigger chest, or bigger shoulders wasn’t what I liked about it.

It was what all of that represented.

You see, you can’t order a supplement that will magically give you those things.

They must be worked for.

It made me super proud to feel like I was wearing the flag of hard work.

The process molded me.

It made me love fitness and represented so much more to me than vanity.

Ultimately, it landed me in this line of work.

My freshman year of college I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life so I thought about what things I loved.

My childhood dreams of becoming a farmer like my grandfather were unlikely, so I kept thinking.

My grandpa’s farm. What’s not to like?

The only thing I could come up with was working out. So here I am.

What about you? Yes YOU.

Why are you in fitness?

If you currently aren’t, what could make you get into it?

The most valuable piece of working out has nothing to do with how you look.

In fact, if you wanted to lose 100 pounds and I snapped my fingers and you were 100 pounds lighter, I guarantee you wouldn’t feel that much different mentally and emotionally.

Think I’m crazy?

The end result of a fitness transformation is NOT what shapes and changes a person.

Physically sure, but mentally and emotionally not at all.

The body you desire will not make you happy, but the journey will.

When a person like my client Scott loses 140 pounds, it is the journey of forging an iron mentality of always moving forward and no matter what, never giving up that truly changes who you are.

My client Scott. The before picture is 30 pounds into the weight loss.My client Scott. The before picture is 30 pounds into the weight loss.

My client Scott. The before picture is 30 pounds into the weight loss.

Being lighter or being ripped won’t make you feel any better.

It’s no different than the parents who buy their high school child a brand new Range Rover for their first car.

Sure they will be happy for a few days, but the sense of pride and ownership will end very quickly.

When something is not earned, it is rarely appreciated.

I often encourage people not to start working out and eating clean strictly because someone told them that they should.

However, if that push is what it takes and you end up getting hooked for the right reasons, perfect.

I did.

A little encouragement from a classmate brought me to the school weight room.

14 years later, I guess it was the right decision.

I started fitness with the short game in mind, but what I learned as time went on is what will keep me working out for the rest of my days on earth.

Fitness WILL change your life. That I can assure you.

If you any questions I would be happy to answer them

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