Have You Thrown Out the Anchor?


The other day I was at an auto parts store.

A younger guy was talking to me about some paint and another somewhat older gentleman was standing there as well.

As I was getting rung up at the register, the second guy asks me “so, are you a gymnast or something”?

Assuming he probably had been watching the Olympics lately and seen the gymnastics events, I assumed he figured I had some of their characteristics in my physique.

I replied “nah, I just work out here and there, what about you”?

“Oh no, I am much too old for that”, he says.

I laughed at this, knowing I have clients that likely have him bested by 15 years.

So I ask him how old he is and it turns out he is 53.

53 I think to myself.

Is this some kind of joke that this guy has mentally called it quits on his health and fitness by his early 50’s?

I laughed and told him his body was just getting warmed up at 53 years old.

I gave him a bit of encouragement regarding what he is still capable of and went on my way.

My client Georgia at 70 years young.

Fortunately, I have many clients who are on the opposite end of this gentleman’s view on fitness while growing older.

People who don’t let age limit their life and have prepared their bodies with that in mind.

Many of us allow growing older to be like throwing out the anchor from a boat.

You get to a certain point in life, toss it overboard, and accept the slow drag behind you until ultimately you cannot move, or if you can, it’s in pain.

It’s like the parents who get asked to play some sport or activity in the backyard with their kids and have to laugh and say “no, no, I’m too old for that”.

Are you kidding me?

Assuming you have taken the proper care of your body there is no reason why you cannot participate in your children’s activities regardless of whether you are 35 or 55.

It’s a mindset shift and WE ALL need to make it.

Growing older should not be associated with becoming less capable.

Okay, sure, you probably shouldn’t be doing ALL of the physical things you didn’t give a second thought to when you were 18. You also may have a few aches and pains that need to be thought about when you are doing activity.

All in all though, keeping the same general level of fitness as you age, can and should be done.

Going for a walk, a bike ride, a hike in the mountains, strength training, working in the yard, taking multiple flights of stairs when the elevator is broken, and so forth are all things that you should be capable of as you get older.

I love working with clients who don’t allow themselves to be held back by age.

It is both enjoyable and rewarding to have intense training sessions with clients in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, knowing that they are building and maintaining a body that is going to reward them with years of restriction free activity into their retirement and beyond.

Do you want to feel great when others are throwing out the anchor, let’s talk.

You do NOT have to experience the physical slowdown that so many do as they grow in age.

Contact me today at: JwaltersPT@gmail.com

Check out my website for more information at: www.JonWalters.co

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