Do Females Who Strength Train Look Like Men?


If you were to picture the characteristics of the male physique from a health and fitness standpoint, what would it look like?

Not the epitome of what you think a man can look like, but what the average man looks like.


High body fat?

Big gut?

Average muscle build or lack of?

Poor posture?

Bird legs?

Pancake butt?

Most of the men you know probably embody one or more of these characteristics.

Now, why is it that females who follow a sound strength training and nutrition program often get described as looking too “manly”?

Or perhaps they hear, “don’t go too far or you will start looking like a man”.


Every female that could be close to receiving an ignorant comment like the ones above, is actually NOTHING like a “man”.

Let’s compare, shall we?

1. She is NOT overweight

Believe it or not, being genetically or hormonally locked into obesity is VERY rare. 99% of the time if a person eats in a deficit of calories (takes in less than they burn), then overtime, they will lose weight. If they keep on the program long term and make adjustments as needed, this will usually take them near their body set point. In other words, where their body generally wants them to be. Not underweight, not overweight, but a healthy, athletic, and fit weight.

From the standpoint of the average female strength trainer who also eats on plan, she would definitely fall into the category of not being overweight.

2. She does not have high body fat

On the right program, as a female loses weight, her body fat percentage will also go down. Perhaps this is the most talked about attribute of a female becoming “manly”. You start to see her muscle curvature, perhaps a few veins, and her abs.

Guess what?

This is called being healthy. Excess body fat is NOT healthy and a female who can see the shape of her muscles and a couple arm veins as she works out is doing a great job with her fitness.

Now don’t get all panicky about what a “healthy” female body fat is. We are not talking about competition level body fat, okay? Relax.

Also, let’s be very clear about something.

Most females who strength train recreationally (not professional bodybuilders) do NOT put on much muscle if any. The reason you see their shoulders cut out, their ab lines becoming visible, or a vein running down their bicep is because they have simply lost body fat. They have NOT packed on 10 pounds of muscle. It is simply what their body looks like at a lower percentage of body fat and it is COMPLETELY healthy.

3. She does not have a big gut

Along with workouts, they are eating healthy foods and not in excess. They certainly do not have a gut like the average “man”.

4. She does not have poor posture

Part of being on a sound strength training regimen is strengthening your postural muscles, which draw your shoulders back and help you stand up straight and tall unlike the modern “man”. This improves spinal alignment, works to ensure sound back health, and decreased or absent back pain.

5. She does not have bird legs

Unlike many men who walk around on flamingo sticks, the strength training female has shaped and sexy legs. Remember, the muscle you see on those legs was there all along, it just took burning some of the fat off to see it.

6. She does not have a pancake butt

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of men these days couldn’t keep pants up without a belt. They probably aren’t far from sliding right out of a chair since they have nothing to sit on. The glutes are the largest muscles in your body so part of a sound strength training regimen should be working on them. They have primary control over your hips and give them the strength to hinge, as well as keep your torso upright. Not to mention, a strong and properly used backside can take lots of pressure off of your knees to help avoid pain or prevent current issues from getting worse.

So, do females who strength train and eat correctly have characteristics that align with the average “man”?

Pretty much the polar opposite.

Now I know there are a few people out there saying:

“Dude, you just said most females on a sound strength training and nutrition program are not overweight, don’t have high body fat, have visible shoulders and abs, and even have a couple veins showing! That sounds just like a man!”

So by this logic, a female who strength trains and eats on plan consistently will look very similar to this:

Yep, girls who lift weights look JUST like Wolverine. Minus the claws.

Some may consider this near the peak of the male physique. Yet females who lift weights and eat healthy may end up like this according to some folks.

I hate to break it to you, but unless a female is on a lot of drugs, she will never look remotely similar to this.

Furthermore, 99% of males will never look like this either. Yet the comparisons are still made.

To recap:

  1. Sometimes ignorant males and females tell woman who strength train that they look manly or will if they keep doing what they are doing.
  2. The average male is quite out of shape.
  3. A female following a sound strength training and nutrition program looks nothing like the average male.
  4. When people compare females who strength train to males they imply that they have characteristics similar to that of the peak male physique.
  5. Females who strength train are healthy, have great metabolism, are strong, have good aerobic capacity, increased bone density, have a healthy back and joints, have no issue doing day to day tasks even into old age, do not lose muscle tissue as they get older like ALL other untrained individuals do, they are preventing disease by strength training, increasing energy levels, and elevating mood.

It would seem that strength training has a few benefits, wouldn’t you say?

This article isn’t meant to serve as an indication of what sort of things make a female attractive.

Attractiveness is 100% in the eyes of the individual. Whether a female is small or big, has lower or higher body fat, has visible arm and ab muscles or not, has a big or a small butt, or even whether she has tall or slouched posture, is all relative when it comes to their attractiveness.

The problem is, the people who say that some females look manly are simply projecting their opinion on what the ideal female physique is. Or, they are insecure with themselves and their own physique not being “where it should be.”

Would is then be fair for someone to tell a guy who has minimal muscles and a dainty frame that he looks like a woman?

Hypocrisy is a brutal thing, isn’t it?

I am sorry that some of you aren’t “used” to seeing what a female looks like who strength trains and eats soundly, but it is no different than a male who does the same thing.

They are both simply giving their body intense training as well as good eating habits and the results are the results. The female body will make certain physique changes as will the male body.

It isn’t your job to worry about someone else’s body.

The best thing you can do is have enough self-awareness to understand WHY this bothers you so much.

Are you happy with where YOU are at?

What changes do you want to make? They don’t have to be huge. Any positive change is progress.

Contact me TODAY if you are ready to start YOUR Transformation.

Email me NOW at:

IG: JonWalters15

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This is 100% strength training and nutrition. Zero cardio. More progress to come!

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