Are You Doing Your Kids a Huge Disservice?


Were you taught to brush your teeth everyday as a child?

Likely morning and night.

Your parents made it clear that it was a daily necessity.

If you don’t brush your teeth regularly they can be painful, rot, fall out, cause infection, and inflame your gums.

Taking care of your teeth has probably been a staple for you since your very early years and you continue to do it because you know it is important for your health and appearance.

Now, what happens if a person doesn’t stay active and eat healthy throughout their life?

Without naming an exhausting list, they can become overweight, develop heart issues, diabetes, loss of muscle tissue, osteoporosis, joint problems, hunchback posture, loss of mobility, lack of energy, increased pain, and an inability to live a quality life because of a restricted body.

Yet, why is activity and sound nutrition not taught to children throughout their childhood in most homes?

Sure, many parents let their kids play sports a few months per year and don’t let them eat cake every day, but sporadic activity and healthy eating here and there is NOT enough in the long term.

Taking care of your body with regular activity and healthy eating should be an integral piece of what is taught when raising a child.

Let’s not kid ourselves with that food pyramid garbage that they teach in school. That stuff is about as useless as a pet rock.

It’s not accurate for long term health and more importantly it means nothing when kids aren’t the ones buying groceries.


As for activity, no, this is not the school gym teacher’s fault.

It is not their job to keep your kid in shape when they only see them one to three hours per week for a portion of the school year. In some grades, not at all.

Gym class is designed to teach children to enjoy activity and teach them new skills.

It is NOT made to keep your child from being overweight or to combat the endless hours of video games they may play while at home.

This is on the parents.

Get outside and play with them!

Take them on a bike ride, a walk, to the park, play a game of catch, or bring them to the gym.  Get them moving!

Sadly, it is typically a monkey-see monkey-do scenario.

Dad or mom pigs out on garbage nearly every evening and that becomes a direct message to the child that eating that way is acceptable behavior.

Don’t agree with me?

Perhaps you think that because you are an “adult” that it is okay for you to eat what you please.

Far from.

In fact, you are probably in a far worse position than your child is in regards to having a body that can handle unhealthy food.

Parents teach their kids not to play in traffic, yet many times the biggest dietary restrictions they will give is to split the kid’s Halloween candy into a few days rather than one.

Seeing a child that is overweight is sad.

I feel bad for them because they likely may be given a hard time in school at some point and that kind of stuff can emotionally ruin a kid.

No child deserves that.

But, where did they get all the unhealthy meals and snacks?

They certainly didn’t go swipe their Visa at the grocery store and walk out with all those twinkies, cookies, and macaroni and cheese.


And no, I don’t care that your kid doesn’t like to eat healthy foods.


What happens in life when your boss tells you to do something? Well, eventually, if you don’t do it, you don’t have a job.

In this case, if a child refuses a healthy meal or snack, they get nothing.

When given the option between something and nothing, over time, that something will sound pretty darn good.

Now, am I saying a kid can never have some mac and cheese or a PB and J?


Don’t get this twisted.

The MAJORITY of the time, kids should be given healthy eating options and encouraged to be active multiple days per week.

This shouldn’t be up for debate.

As for the stupid term “spoiling”, that is also taken much too far.

If you as a parent or a grandparent think continual “spoiling” in regards to food is so great, I suggest you imagine the child in reference being mocked in gym class for being “fat” or not being able to participate in activities or sports they want to due to their weight.

Furthermore, the behavior this instills in them will NOT serve them well later in life when age and metabolism gets its grip on them.

Try “spoiling” yourself in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s and let me know how that goes.

If you as a parent or grandparent are overweight, it is fair to say that you treating a child’s eating as you did your own is NOT a good idea.

If a parent thinks brushing one’s teeth is important then they should see this just like that.

A child’s long term health and quality of life depends on it.

Now, I know there are those out there thinking “I know kids who eat whatever they want and play video games all day and aren’t overweight”.


1. Heart problems

2. Diabetes

3. High body fat

4. Osteoporosis

5. Loss of muscle tissue

These are all things that can be very alive and well in a person who isn’t “overweight”. Maybe not quite as a child, but in their older years a “skinny” body can mask a lot of problems.

It’s like a tooth that looks fine when you smile, but is rotting at the root.

Most of the health problems I have mentioned take years to cause serious issues just like teeth often times do.

However, if the right skills are not instilled in kids at a young age, they WILL be set up for failure from their youth and on.

If you have any questions on how to get your child active or eating a more healthy diet please feel free to email me right now!

I am happy to help!

To learn more visit my website at

IG: JonWalters15

One of my teen athletes, Sydney, crushing her deadlifts.

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