Are You Self-Aware?


Self-awareness can make or break progress in fitness.

The vast majority of people have a very hard time accepting that the condition of their body is a direct result of THEIR OWN actions.

The blame game gets played more often than not.

It’s the spouse’s fault.

It’s the diet’s fault.

It’s the kids’ fault.

It’s the workout’s fault.

It’s your genetic’s fault.

It’s the class instructor’s fault.

It’s the coach’s fault.

It’s anyone’s fault but the person who isn’t seeing results.

A few years back when I opened my business it was scary. The success of it was 100% based on me and no one else. Sure, I had people helping guide me to set up the business and all the odds and ends on the legal end, but running it and making it work was all on me.

I loved it, but I had to understand that at the end of the day others can give advice or some helpful guidance, but it was ultimately me and only me that could make it successful.

Now, apply this to your fitness journey.

Sure the girl at the fitness desk at your gym can guide you to the leg machines after you said you wanted stronger legs, but she can’t make you use them.

And yes, you can hire someone to design you a great nutrition plan, but it’s about as worthless as a politician if you don’t follow it.

You can sign up for the greatest group workouts and they won’t help you a lick if you don’t show up or if you just go through the motions.

If you do not have enough self-awareness you will not succeed in fitness.

Take a deep look inside and ask yourself:

“Am I really ready for this?”

“Am I ready to stop making excuses?

“Do I want to change MORE than I want to stay the way I am”

Remember, there is nothing inherently wrong with staying the way you are.

Unhealthy maybe, but change must be a decision that YOU and only you make. Unless we are talking about extremes where your doctor tells you if you don’t you will die.


You need to decide if you are able to commit, because if you aren’t you need to be honest with yourself.

Getting into great shape sounds awesome.

You drop some body fat, gain some muscle, get stronger, feel more energetic, have less aches and pains, and so on.

But, you need to be self-aware enough to decide what goals are REALISTIC for you.

Sure a fantastic beach body sounds good, but if you aren’t ready for the daily commitment it requires then perhaps it isn’t really what you want at this time.

On the flip side, maybe fitness to you is just about feeling good everyday, being able to function in a pain free manor, being able to lift things around the house, and being able to go on a 20 mile bike ride.

That is a much more reasonable commitment on both the working out and nutritional side and might fit where you are at much better.

The point is, no one can tell you what level of commitment is going to work for you.

I didn’t say what level of commitment is best, but rather what level will you be able to sustain week after week and month after month at this stage of your life.

If that isn’t very much, hopefully in six months or so that will change.

Just don’t get buried in a scenario where you decide to go ALL IN on an intense workout and training program only to flounder and not follow it.

Frustration will follow and you will be mentally drained.

Look inside, and see where YOU can meet fitness.

Push yourself, but to a point that you are confident you can sustain long term.

Remember, the best workout and nutrition program is the one that meets you in the best place possible for you to succeed.

Do you know what level you are able to commit to?

I would be happy to help you decide on a plan that will help you to your goals.

Email me at:

or check out my website at:

IG: JonWalters15

Change of pace. A little gym bike ride to enjoy a nice evening. Great times!

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