Time Always Wins


Do you like sports?

Most people can appreciate a good game that comes down to the wire.

But, imagine this scenario.

Picture a game of your sport of choice.

Imagine that Team A is really good and Team B is average.

It starts out a great game and stays that way for the most part until halftime.

As the second half starts, Team A slowly begins to pull away.

The game continues and team A keeps expanding their lead again and again and again.

Now, think about this.

The game never ends. It just keeps going and Team B keeps getting further behind.

It might as well be called a mercy because Team B is never going to catch up.

They get a few small surges here and there, but overall they keep falling further away.

The game continues until everyone on both teams die.

Would you want to be watching this game?

Doubtful. It sounds terribly boring.


Does this sound familiar?

Because it’s you and everyone you have ever know.

Let me explain.

Team A is life as it relates to your health and body function.

Team B is you.

The game represents the span of your lifetime and the GUARANTEED long term demise of your body.

Now before you get defensive about how in shape you are, this isn’t a debate.

Every last one of us is going to be trailing Team A in points.

Granted, the size of the gap is different based on how you live your life, your activity, nutrition, and so on, but you WILL slowly lose ground regardless.

The game isn’t over until we die.

It’s up to us to decide whether we make it a good game or a pathetic blowout that no one wants to watch.

Forty years old is where I will call half time. For most people probably earlier, and for a few perhaps later.

Team B does pretty decent most of the time until forty.

If they really trained hard it might even be a tie game or in a rare case they may be ahead by a few.

But after halftime, Team B will eventually lose.

It is not a question.

You are going to go downhill whether you like it or not and that is when the pressure really gets turned on.

I want to be clear about one thing in this article.

If you are over 50 and are not involved in some sort of strength and mobility training, you are dramatically lowering your standard of physical capability into your 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Your quality of life WILL be compromised to some degree and the severity will depend based on what you do to combat it.

You’ve been warned.

I am not saying you need to be a gym rat five days per week, but the folks in their later 50s and early 60s that I see just twice per week are leaps and bounds ahead of those who have not been doing anything.

My client Randy at 65 crushing it.

If you don’t start working on this stuff it will be gone.


Mobility WILL vanish.

Posture WILL be degraded.

Strength WILL diminish.

Pain WILL increase and occur much easier.

Endurance WILL suffer.

You WILL feel the downward trend.

The questions is, are you going to do something about it or let it control you.

We are all in a losing battle. The question is, how bad do you want to get beat.

Also, to be clear, although the major decline could be said to start around 40, what you have done with your body as far as mobility and lean tissue growth up until that point is very important.

Adding as much muscle as possible and keeping great mobility at the beginning of the game will help you immensely after halftime to keep fighting hard.

Remember, the longer you wait, the harder it is to put on muscle as well as increase and maintain mobility.

If you want help fighting time and the aging process e-mail me right now.

I answer all emails and would be happy to help you out!



Visit my website to learn more at Jonwalters.CO

IG: JonWalters15

My client Jim at 56 deadlifting heavy weight after 20 years of back problems.

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