Online Dating and Fitness

concepts of online dating, with message on enter key of keyboard.

I have a friend who spent a number of months pursuing the online dating game a couple of years ago.

He figured, why not give it a shot, I have nothing to lose. Worst case scenario I get to eat some good food and have a few drinks. Win win.

Well, sort of. I told him not to trust profiles that just had head shots. I think that only happened once though.

But anyways, this is about fitness.

My buddy is pretty into working out. He hits the gym multiple days per week and stays on his eating.

Naturally, he was searching for a girl who didn’t necessarily need to be a gym rat, but rather had a consistent interest in staying active and healthy.

With that in mind, at some point during each first date he would ask the girl if she worked out.

Now understand that we are talking about quite a few different people. Multiple per week for months. So our sample size is pretty large.

A couple of the girls lifted weights, a few admitted to doing nothing, but there was one constant that he heard more than any other response that it grew to be expected.

“Well, I run sometimes.”

Like clockwork. With a few more questions it would be discovered that “sometimes” actually meant their friend made them come on a jog once four months ago.

The issue here isn’t with running.

If you want to incorporate running into your training program, go right ahead. I encourage doing what you enjoy.

What I want to point out is that so often the very first thing people start doing when they slide their toes into the waters of fitness is start running.

Why? Because all it takes is a pair of shoes and a little motivation.

Then they get stuck there.

No gym membership is required

No people staring at you (unless some creeper looks at you through his house blinds as you run through a neighborhood)

No one judging what you are doing or how fast you are going

Plus, sweat rolling, taxed breathing, and that wonderful burn feeling in the legs.

It makes sense why running has became so popular in the last five years. I bet you can name multiple people you know who regularly do some sort of running events be it a 5k or marathon.

Clearly not running, but it is jumping. Which is also cool. My client Patrick getting that 110 inch standing long jump.

But where does that leave the other pieces of fitness?

You have probably heard someone say they won’t go to a gym to lift weights because they don’t want to feel stupid.

They don’t want to do something “wrong” and feel embarrassed or get in the way of someone who does “know” what they are doing.

I get it. 

They relinquish themselves to the cardio section of the facility where they can hop on a treadmill, bike, or other various piece of non-threatening equipment. It is much harder to feel uncomfortable on one of those after all.

Sadly, they miss out on the whole world of strength training and all it’s benefits because of the intimidation.

Perhaps you did some searching online for local trainers, but now feel worse than you did before. All you found were people constantly talking down to everyone who doesn’t agree with them on social media. It’s their way or the highway and if you don’t do exactly what they say you are an idiot. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Let’s be clear. 

It doesn’t matter if a fitness coaching client is a beginner or a veteran trainee, a coach should never act like an elitist jerk.

So where does that leave you?

Cardio it is.

Granted, there are many people who brave the free weights or start at the weight machines and do get acclimated and confident. I would encourage you to do so!

I also encourage all of you to help out a friend who may be caught in the hamster wheel of cardio and would like to branch out.

Bring a friend to the weight room with you, bring them to a group strength class you attend, introduce them to a fitness coach you know will treat them with respect and push them to the level they require.

Think of how many things in life you were scared to do alone and you asked your friend to come along.

This is no different.

Strength training is awesome, it just has a bit larger barrier to entry than running. Smash through the barrier however you need to and make it happen.

Forget about what people think and all the perfectionist view points.

Remember, 98% of health and fitness success is simple, you just need to find your way to the right people.

If you need any help getting started or want some tips on making that first move, let me know. I answer all emails and love to help.


What happened to my friend and his dating you ask?

He’s still single. Are you looking?

No, neither guy in the picture below are him . LOL.

Summer throw back and a little prowler push. Get it!

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