Your New Rule


When is the last time you set a goal for yourself?

If you are like most people you probably set quite a few in the past year. Maybe some large, maybe some small.

There’s a good chance you didn’t follow through with the majority of them either. Most people are in that boat.


If I really wanted to bore you I would go on about how important “process goals” are versus “end goals”, which is true, but not for this article.

The problem is that goals are not facts. Goals are hopes.

I am all for hopes and dreams, but right now we are going for the hard and fast. Today, YOU are not going to get off so easy with just “setting goals”.

From this point on, goals are out.

You Start Today

I have never before asked every one of you to do something before, but today I am going to.

I want you to think about your health and fitness. Your nutrition, your training, your sleep, your supplements, your mental health, all of it.

Time and time again I have said that making any positive change is better than none and that concept will apply here.

It is time for you to create your new personal daily rule

Why is the rule incredible?

  1. It’s fact. You do not debate the rule. It is a for sure thing that happens DAILY.
  2. It is something that you are able to do every single day and not ever say that you do not have time.
  3. It develops character and positive behavioral patterning.
  4. It is health and fitness related so it will have positive benefit to your well being.

Look, do you brush your teeth every day?

Do you change your underwear every day?

Do you wash your hands….I hope daily?

Brushing your teeth everyday is typically not a goal for people, it is a rule. It is a fact of life.

That is what you are going to start today. Your new rule based on your health and fitness.

Not one single person has a way to weasel out of the new rule. The whole point is that it can be as big or small as you are capable, but the important thing is you do it each and every day.

Yes, there can be rules that you live by Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays such as going to the gym, but for our purposes, this MUST be a daily rule.

Some example ideas to ponder for your daily rule:

  • Drinking 10 glasses of water
  • Going to bed on time to get at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Going for a 20 minute walk
  • Hitting your protein goal
  • Taking 15 minutes to sit quietly and recharge
  • Going through a mobility routine
  • Taking your vitamin D3 and K2
  • Doing 50 pushups

These are just sample ideas, but remember the key is it has to be something you can do EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

It needs to be as consistent as you changing your underwear, which I really hope is daily.

Here I am golfing, which I do not do everyday.  Although that would be a nice rule.

This is not about killing it in the gym seven days per week. In fact, I do not want that to be your rule. You need to be able to commit to this forever in some capacity.

We are about to change the rest of your life.

I often talk about a lot of very challenging things from nutritional strategies to intense workout regimens that I do not expect everyone to be able to do, but this is different.

We aren’t talking about committing to multiple days at the gym or going on 20 mile runs each day. Each and every one of you can handle this. The best part is that once you are a few days in it will just seem normal.

Remember, you are choosing it.

But in the words of the holy grail knight in Indiana Jones, “choose wisely”.

You have chosen….wisely.

So, what’s it going to be?

I want to hear what you have chosen as your rule. Give it some thought and decide what will become your new ingrained behavior.

Do you need any help deciding? I would be happy to assist!

Shoot me an email at:

No excuses, time to make your new rule.

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