Don’t Let Travel Stop Your Fitness

Work out there ^ but put a towel down first for your own sake!

Business or pleasure.

The two reasons you would usually travel. They revolve around either being busy, or purposely being not busy.

But wait, you have fitness and health goals. You have been working hard for awhile and don’t want to regress just because of a quick jet out of town.

Simply put:

How do I keep the fitness train rolling while travelling?


Already, you are thinking:

  1. I won’t have time to workout
  2. I don’t know if the hotel will have a fitness facility
  3. I may not have the energy to lift weights before or after a long work/vacation day

Lucky you.

  1. You can get this done in about 20 minutes
  2. It can be done right in your hotel room
  3. It is all body weight so it won’t be as demanding as some strength workouts
Needless to say the hotel workout is puuuurrrfect for travel!

A picture is worth one-thousand words, so a video is basically worth a million.

So let’s have a video do the heavy lifting and show you exactly what you are going to be doing.

And since you may not have caught the exercise list at the end, here it is:


Remember, take as little time as you can between exercises during the round. After each round you can take a breather and get a quick drink before you begin again. Try to make those no more than 20–30 seconds.

20 minutes out of your day and a killer workout that will get you feeling great and pumped that you didn’t skip.

Warning: Sweat may fly during hotel workout.

Let me know how it goes!

If you need an alternative to one of the exercises, let me know and I’ll shoot one to you.

IG: jonwalters15

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